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Plot synopsisThomas wakes up to find himself in an elevator which brings him up to the top. He is greeted by a group of boys who pull him out into their surroundings. The only thing he remembers ishis name, nothing else.

Thomas learns that all these boys live in a place called the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by tall, stone walls with four massive doors in the center of each wall. Thesedoors close each night to protect them from the monsters that live beyond the Glade's walls. The monsters live in a place called the Maze, which surrounds the walls around the Glade. These monsters arecalled Grievers and attempt to sting the Gladers. If the Gladers get stung, they undergo the Changing, a painful process which people can survive if given the serum in time, which doesn't reallymatter, and come out with side effects, such as regained memory. The walls to the maze move every night so there is a different maze outside each door every day.

A day after Thomas arrives at the Glade,another person is sent up in the Box, the elevator which brings new people to the Glade. Only boys live in the Glade and to their surprise a girl, Teresa, is sent up in the Box. She brings with her amessage that she will be the last one to ever arrive in the Glade and that the end is nearly coming someday soon. She then falls into a deep coma. After the arrival of Teresa, the boys blame Thomasfor everything abnormal going on, saying everything is all his fault.

In the end, the boys realize that they are against a force called WICKED. The boys believe that they are being put through aseries of trials to find the best boys for the job WICKED has planned for them. They realize that the Maze is to be solved.

People called Runners, have studied the maze for the two years, runningaround their section of the maze each day. Every day the Runners go into the maze and look for changes in the maze. They come back to the Glade and sketch the days changes. Teresa has a telepathic...
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