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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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This is the story of a beautiful love, he one man, adventurous and full of desire,simply lived. Shea beautiful woman, processing a change in his life alone, and without realizing the immense desire, i had of just being happy. They met one day, the sun shone that evening,i was summer, anafternoon as any, he pulled with his charm, and she pleasantness with his sympathy.
Thus began the love story, the days passed,is sought. On each night with a desperation that could notunderstand, looked forward to it, knew would meet him, as every day, like every night, beautiful phrases began to flowing love pure, honest, and above all veritable, because here they had faces,bodies. They had not only had words and feelings, andthat was enough to feel that their lives had the same destiny.
They began to fall, they in the most tender and sweet, they like the woman. Shewas slowly falling in love with his simplicity, his tenderness, his love, he followed the path of conquest, protected her, accompanied her, made her feel those beautiful things she did notknow. She began to love him, felt that he was the man in her life that she loved him, to continue his life. He felt that she her pretty Alejandra, was the woman who wanted to share his world, itwould be the best company.
They were needed, they were meant for each other, they were falling in love, and little by little more tender, they were willing, so did the love of their lives.Today they are still together, they are loving intensely needed, they adore, they profess a great love, dreams accompany their lives, a future awaits them, a house, little children, waitingfor them to cast in that passion without limits, begat them with the purest feelings of love. They ALEJANDRA AND JHONATAN are living in the joy and happiness, blessed life, have beaten adversity.
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