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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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The FTA with the U.S. may open other doors to Colombia
The FreeTrade Agreement (NAFTA) of Colombia and the United States that takes effect Tuesday could open other doors to the South American country's largest, starting with the Forum of Asia-Pacific EconomicCooperation (APEC), analysts here believe.
"The club of countries that have FTAs ​​with the United States is not very big, and being in that club is very important because it sends signals to theinternational community. It's kind of recognition," praised the Colombian ambassador to Washington, Gabriel Silva in a meeting with reporters last Friday.
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, did notwait for TLC was functional for a tour of China and Singapore last week, a clear message of the Asian strategy of Colombia.
The Treaty "allows Colombia to fully comply with the most ambitious tradedisciplines and current U.S. aims" when negotiating with partners, said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas, in a statement sent to AFP.
The FTA "will reinforce the momentum ofColombia in search of a comprehensive global agenda," said Michael Shifter, director of another center of analysis, the Inter-American Dialogue.
Like other Latin American countries have learned overthe past decade, diversifying trade is key to avoid the impact of the fall of the U.S. economic cycle.
China is the second trade partner of Colombia, and also a determining voice within APEC,comprising 21 countries, of which nine are finalizing the establishment of a trans-Pacific free trade area (TPP).
The PPT, which want to join Canada, Mexico and Japan, would become the main shopping areaof ​​the world, surpassing the European Union, according to analysts estimate.
"Colombia has expressed interest in joining the TPP and APEC," recalled Silva.
But APEC has a moratorium on new...
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