Tratado libre comercio entre colombia y la union europea en ingles

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Is important to grow as respectful people for the life, but also is important to grow ascountry, which the world knows about the implications and advances that it has had But ¿How can we show a country as Colombia, Latin American in process of development and with internal problems thatcan´t hide? There is looked the form, which with the new alliances grows the economic heritage to be able to invest and improve the quality of life.
The European Union is shaped by countries inwhich the Human rights it is fundamental and the principal weapon of negotiation, nevertheless it isn´t possible to say that these countries always have been like that, they come from a long processand in some bloody cases, which did that these countries are today what they are, but this it might be the parallelism that we have with them, that we are in the search of molding the Human rights toour idiosyncrasy, but not to take a lot of time in this labor, nevertheless the country feels compromised with the responsibility of working to an intensive pace and to achieve that in the way, thepeople don´t remain it in his fight for defending the human rights.
The European Union is the first world exporter of goods, and second in purchases, with a revenue per capita of more than 32.000dollars (this says in his platform of Internet the magazine Semana, Art.135891), but one sees since lately it has come in detriment, the big lendings that they do to waste in the war with the Asiancountries, small fluency of money that exists internally, this does that the EU looks for other alternatives open horizons, and Colombia is a country that this arranged and it has the aptitude to fulfillgoals to be able to achieve reciprocal relations.
An Agreement Of Free Trade is very beneficial for Colombia and more when in this one there is going to be had access to more than 500 million...
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