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Almond Apple Apricot Banana Blueberry

Cherry Chestnut Coconut Date fig
Grape Grapefruit Hazelnut Mango Melon

Orange Peach Peanut Pear Plum

VegetablesArtichoke Aubergine Asparagus Beans Beetroot
Broccoli Cabbage Carrot Cauliflower Celery
Corn Courgette Cucumber Eggplant Garlic
Potato Pumpkin Radish Rice Rye

SuitPants Vest Cap Tie

Coat Belt Hat Wallet Cap

Shirt T-shirt Jacket Socks Tennis Shoes

Raincoat Underwear Sweater Briefcase Shoes

Dress Blouse HandbagPurse Jeans

Shorts Sandals gloves Necklace Bathrobe

Skirt Bra High heel shoes Earrings Stocking

Pantyhose Swimsuit Scarf Bracelet Sleepers

Shopping list Vegetables & fruit1 head of lettuce 1 pound onions 2 pounds tomatoes

3 pounds potatoes 1 pound potatoes 1 pound carrots

1 head of cabbage 1 bundle of radishes 1 bundle of celery

1 pounds ofapples 1 pounds of oranges Bundle of grapes

Pound of apricots bunch of banana Package of Strawberries

Meat, poultry, fish And cold cuts
2pounds ground beef 1 Chicken 8 pork chops

6 beef steaks 2 cans of tuna fish 1 pound of sausage

1 package patties

Dairy products
3 gallons of milk 1 dozen eggs 2 sticks ofbutter

1 pound of cheddar Cheese 1 quart of cream 1 quart of yogurt

1 jar of peanut butter 1 jar of strawberry 1 box of cookies

1 box of corn flakes 1 box of raisins 1can of olive oil

1 bottle of vinegar 1 bottle of salad dressing 1 pound of coffee

1 jar of mustard 1 bottle of ketchup 1 loaf of bread

1 package of hamburger buns 1container of Chocolate powder

2 pounds of sugar

1 bottle of wine 1 gallon orange juice 4 bottles of beer

1 notepad 1 pair of...
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