“Traveling to the scientific renaissance”

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Have you ever wanted to go back in time to see how the world was before your birth?
Well, today you will not go back, but I can tell who the most important scientists were
during the Renaissance.The Renaissance emerged around the fifteenth and sixteenth
centuries and was created by the new conception of man and the world. During this time,
scientists like Galileo, Torcelli or evenLeonardo DaVinci tried to modernize the world. At
this period were created many inventions but the most prominent are three: the telescope,
printing, and the pocket watch.
Around 1609 a famousscientist, Galileo Galilei, during the Renaissance invented the
telescope (object used to see from the distance). At this time, he was the only one that
manages to do right image through the use of adiverging lens. Consequently, this invention
marked a turning point in Renaissance and among scientist. Because, in this period
developed the science of observation and experiment with its ownmethods. Therefore,
because of this Galileo created the telescope; that which otherwise the one created by the
Dutch distort objects and the image or anything you see, looks awful. As a result,Galileo
was mentioned as a remarkable scientist who made valuable contributions to astronomy and
physics during the Renaissance. Besides that, the experimental method and direct
observation was thebasis for modern science.
Approximately, in the fifteenth century, printing was invented by the scientist John
Gutenberg who invented movable type letters and replaced by molten metal timber. Inthe
Renaissance, the printing press was the most powerful vehicle for transmitting new ideas.
Starting the fifteenth century was printed with religious pictures. By application of, a
woodenboard engraved with greasy ink, the procedure was performed to print cards. Many
have discussed the contribution of Gutenberg to the arts industry during the Renaissance.
Scientists as Gutenberg...