Treaty of versailles

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Treaty of Versailles
Important details:
1) It was signed in the Palace of Versailles in the summer of 1919 by the representatives of 27 countries.
2) The 3 most important representativeswere:
a) British Prime Minister Lloyd George.
b) French Prime Minister George Clemenceau.
c) Woodrow Wilson President of the United States.
Different ideas about the treaty:
a)Clemenceau wanted revenge from the Germans. He wanted reparations and guarantee that a similar war could never happen again. He wanted Germany stripped of its wealth and armed force.
b) Wilson wanted peacethroughout Europe without implementing any punishment against any countries.
c) Lloyd George fought for German interest. Although the British people were eager for revenge. George wanted Germanyto remain stable and recover strength as a trading partner. George feared that the German conditions would cause communism to become popular in Germany.
Germany was forced to:
a) Lose landsb) Remove troops from certain parts of the country
c) Destroy fortifications
d) Abandon its air force
e) Surrender its ships and submarines
f) Accept that it was their fault forstarting the war.
g) Accept to pay reparation
h) Pay 6600 million pounds in money and goods
What happened when Germany stopped making payments?
a) French and Belgium troops entered the Ruhr1923 and forced Germany to pay.
b) German workers stopped working which caused the industry to suffer and inflammation to rise.
c) German hatred of the French grew.
d) A new payment plan wasintroduced.
e) Germany agreed to the new plan.
What did the German hatred towards the French grow?
a) French attempted to humiliate Germany.
b) They entered German territory and attemptedto force German workers to work for them.
c) They mistreated German citizens
d) They mistreated workers and killed some of them
* Chapter , Section 4
Reparations: Payments forward...
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