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1) Hardware Installation
Connect the TF card to PC with the card reader.
Copy all the files to the root directory of TF card including:
_system_ folder moonshl folder
2) Unload TF Card
After finishing ROM added, then right click the removable disk icon on the right down corner of the screen; Draw out the TF card from card reader/writer.
3) MainMenu Operation
Connect the TF card to DS Slot-1 with the R4III, turn on the power, the GUI will display in a few seconds. You can select ROMs or Media to run by the navigating keys or touch screen, press "A" button to enter the corresponding functions.
4) Game Menu Operation
- Choose the 'Game' to enter Game GUI; Press 'START' to go back to main menu.
-Press the 'SELECT' key to select the displaymode in game interface ("File Display", "Game Display" and "eBook Display", Default is "Game Display"), "N files", "N game" and "N eBook" display at top bar on the top screen.
-Please be aware that the "SHELL,MOONSHL,_SYSTEM_"directory and the "_DS_MSHL.NDS "file will be hidden under the "Show Games Only" mode; Any other directories or files with hidden attributes will also be hidden.
- You canchoose the display model ("Display all" and "Only Display Game", default is "Only Display Game") by pressing "SELECT", and the top screen will display "N file" and "N Game".
Please be aware that the "SHELL,MOONSHL,_SYSTEM_"directory and the "_DS_MSHL.NDS "file will be hidden under the "Show Games Only" mode; Any other directories or files with hidden attributes will also be hidden.4-scale-lightness adjustment is available to the DS Lite console by touching the sunny icon at the top left corner of game interface. (Not available to DS console, the sunny icon will turn to be gray if it is DS console.)
At the right top of the touch screen it is the "Soft Reset"; Red indicator means the "Soft Reset" function is off; Green indicator means the "Soft Reset" function is on. The users may pointon the touch screen or press "R" button to switch the "Soft Reset" On/Off.
While the "Soft Reset" function is on, pressing "L+R+A+B+X+Y" can go back and forth to the game's main menu; Please do not do this while saving, as it will lead to malfunction, It is recommended to go back to main menu before you function the "Soft Reset".
If the error occurs on running games, please try to turn off the"Soft Reset".
- The top screen displays the files under the directory, 'Up/Down' key for rolling, 'Left/Right' key for flipping. The current path and amount of the total files will show on the top, the scroll bar will show the location of the current file.
- The files under the directory will be sorted by file name, the directory (DIR) will display at the front. The (..) is the parent directory.- The bottom screen display the details of the files and directory, the icon and title will be displayed if it is NDS/IDS game.
- Press 'A' button or touch screen to enter the corresponding functions or run the game, press "B" button to go back
5) Running Game
- Choose the game you like in the game menu; Press 'A' button or touch screen to run.
- It will ask whether to create the new archiveif it is the first running, press 'A' button or touch the 'Confirm' to create then run the game; Press 'B' button or touch 'Cancel' to cancel; Press 'X' button or touch 'Ignore' to omit creating archive and run the game.
- You can check the modified time of the archive, as it will be edited automatically while running the game.
- The file name of the archive is the same with the games, theextension is .SAV, can be backup or restored from PC at anytime.
Default.nds file runs automatically under TF directory, it maybe temporarily hidden in the main menu while pressing B key to turn DsLite on; Pressing X key to delete this file if there is unneccessary to have it run automatically.
6) Operation of action Replay Cheat
 Choose the corresponding game, if the official database (cheat.dat...
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