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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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My Political Vision According to the Assigned Surveys

In this essay I will respond the questions for this week assignment about political parties. According to the results of thetypology test and the advocates for self government quiz I share some of the beliefs of the New Coalition Democrat Party and a Centralist Government.

My Political View According to the Assigned Surveys
Ithink the results of the surveys are accurate because according to my answers in the surveys my beliefs are similar to what the New Coalition Democrat and Centralist Government believe. The resultsof the political topology quiz revealed that my political vision leans towards the New Coalition Democrat and their beliefs are to work on the issues of technology policy, economic growth, security andpersonal responsibility. The New Coalition Democrat intent to modernize the vision of the Democratic Party and the Country’s; the New Democrats support policies to expand economic growth and ensurethat all Americans have the opportunity to benefit from a fiscally responsible and efficient government, a secure home front, and a robust foreign policy that includes commercialization of products andtrade, also a constructive U.S. leadership throughout the world with a modern and strong military.
The results of the advocates for self government quiz, I also think are accurate. The resultsshowed that my beliefs lean towards a centrist government. A Centrist Government and the New Coalition Democrat have some similarities in their beliefs. Both share the thought that hard work and integritywill maximize citizen choice and responsibility which would increase public benefits. However Centrist Government usually agrees on an efficient government, fiscal responsibility and restraint,freedom of choice on personal issues and a strong diplomacy and national defense.
The Green party of United States closely relates in some aspects to the New Coalition Democrat Party and also relates to...
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