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  • Publicado : 4 de junio de 2011
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HD Portable live ProDuction

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Live production technology has taken a quantum leap. In one astonishing system, NewTek delivers an entire high-end TV production facility, including the ability to record up to eight live sources simultaneously, using proprietary NewTek IsoCorder™ technology. But, it’sstill affordable. Still easy to operate. On your own or with a small team.



NewTek IsoCorder™ Technology

In one elegant rack mount system, you have a 24-channel, HD portable live production system that delivers the power to broadcast, live stream, project and record, simultaneously. In addition to network-style, HD live virtual sets and advanced matte generation, powerful DVEsystems, two DDRs, high-quality video processing, and more—TriCaster 850 EXTREME offers these benefits: Proprietary NewTek IsoCorder™ multitrack video recording technology lets you record up to eight channels of video from any input or output, and supports multiformat recording (MPG, AVI, and full MP4) with adjustable headroom Go wireless with Apple® AirPlay® that delivers video and audio from up totwo iOS devices, such as iPad®, iPod®, or iPhone®, into your live production; and offers instant compatibility with any AirPlay-enabled device Create animation store transitions with embedded audio and alpha channel, and use in any of the 11 integrated transition locations Configure, store and import your favorite streaming set-ups as presets, and use the integrated Web browser to access onlineCDN accounts to manage or view shows, even during live production Media players include adjustable audio level settings for each clip, and hardwareassisted playback for many common file types Every input and output on the audio mixer includes an integrated seven-channel equalizer and compressor/limiter for advanced audio control Group audio sources to follow video, or route sub-mixes to auxiliary orstreaming outputs Pinpoint live action and edit to perfection in post production, with linear timecode (LTC) support

Select and import all types of media files, including Apple ProRes for use in TriCaster Media Players, with expanded file format compatibilities and quick batch processing Output an alpha matte on the auxiliary video output for added production flexibility On-air, multi-tieredfail-safe systems and redundant hardware Access the TriCaster User Guide with a quick scan of the built-in Quick Response (QR) code

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TriCaster™ 850 EXTREME™

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1 LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS with integrated multi-view monitoring, lets you arrange and select shots withconfidence. View all switcher sources at full field rate, with advanced alpha channel preview. 2 NETWORK INPUTS let you go wireless with breakthrough Apple® AirPlay® support. Deliver video and audio from iOS devices, such as iPad®, iPod®, or iPhone®, into your live production. Or bring in displays from your PC or Mac®, using proprietary NewTek iVGA™ technology. 3 PROGRAM MONITOR shows the current videooutput of your live production, and lets you see what your audience sees. Access controls for record and stream functions, configure your video output, and more. 4 LOOK-AHEAD PREVIEW MONITOR displays your upcoming video output. Prepare multilayered effects, preview the output as it will appear live, and then switch with confidence. 5 ONE-BUTTON RECORDING simultaneously captures your live productionand individual sources at full resolution (up to 1080p), using proprietary NewTek IsoCorder technology. Record your entire presentation or capture clips for DDR playback during the show. 6 ONE-BUTTON INTERNET STREAMING allows you to use Adobe® Flash® or Microsoft® Windows Media® to deliver a full, HD live stream directly to the Web, with simultaneous archive for later viewing. The Web Stream...