Trip generation

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Assignment 1 Traffic Impact Analysis Purpose: Introduction to Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Featured Software Package(s): TRAFFIX for traffic assignment SYNCHRO/SimTRAFFIC for analysis and simulationTopics covered: - Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) process o Trip generation o Trip distribution o Trip assignment - Traffic projection - Intersection level of service (LOS) analysis o Signalized oUn-signalized - Diamond interchange analysis - Driveway design considerations o Acceleration/deceleration lanes o Driveway spacing o Driveway types Right-in Right-out Hooded Left Fully Functional Right-inRight-out Left-in - Improvement recommendation o Turn lanes o Signal cycle length, phasing, timing - Measures of effectiveness (MOEs) Optional Topics (covered if time allows): - Site visit -Introduction to signal design Information Provided: - Development’s site plan - Land-use types and magnitudes - Roadway lane configuration - Existing signal timing plan - Existing turning movement counts -Study location aerials


Figure 1 Site Plan.

Lane Use Types Use ITE’s trip generation rates to estimate the total number of trips in both AM and PM peak hours. Table 1 shows the land-usetypes. Table 1 Land Use Types Land-Use Type Lot 1 Freestanding Discount Super Store Lot 2 Fast-Food Restaurant with drive-through Lot 3 Gas Station with Convenient Store

Roadway Lane ConfigurationIntersection 1 Northbound – 1 left turn lane (250’), 2 through Lanes, 1 right turn lane (250’) Southbound – 1 left turn lane (250’), 1 through lane, 1 shared through and right lane Westbound – 1 left turnlane (250’), 2 through lanes, 1 right turn lane Eastbound – 1 left turn lane (250’), 2 through lanes, 1 right turn lane The westbound right-turn lane lines-up with the right most lane on the otherside of the intersection. North-South Roadway Precinct Line Road 2-lanes divided roadway with a middle turn lane East-West Roadway Harwood Road 3-lane divided roadway Existing Signal Timing Plan The...
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