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Design lab Natural Selection

If we can simulate the process of natural selection, then we will be able to predict how will organisms fight and develop in a real environment.Problem:
Can we simulate the process of natural selection?

- The group will form a simulation to represent how natural selection works
- Form 4 groups of 4 members (hunters),have 5 watchers and 2 that will be in charge of collecting the data (data loggers)
- The hunters will be in charge of running the actual simulation, they will be the hunters in the habitat competing forfood
- The watchers will make sure that the hunters do not cheat through the simulation
- The loggers will keep track of the data collected through the simulation
- Beans will come in 3 differentcolors (black, red and white) and they will represent prey of the hunters. The teacher or person in charge will “plant” an equal number of each color on the yard (habitat) at the beginning of thesimulation
- There are 4 types of feeding types, fork, knives, tweezers and spoons. The person in charge will distribute the feeding structures that there are equal numbers of each. Persons that are thehunters will also be handed a cup, which represents the stomach of the organism. In order to capture a been you can only use your fork, knife, tweezers or spoon to lift the bean of your habitat andplace it in your cup
- The data loggers will record the initial numbers of each type of bean and each type of hunter on the fine cardboard
- As the teacher (or person in charge) gives the signal, the4 groups will start feeding. Feeding groups must not by shy in competing with the other hunters. However, once a bean is on a fork, knife, tweezers or spoon it is off limits. When the person in chargecalls time, stop feeding
- Count how many beans you have eaten and line up with your classmates who were feeding on the same habitat, from fewest beans eaten to most beans eaten. Only the top half...
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