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Adventure trip

It is a small town with less than 10 thousand habitants which has an area of 100.19 km2.
Mancora has been considered by many as a paradise, a perfect place for a break outside thecity. Mancora offers a cozy atmosphere and a group of generous and cheerful.
The beaches of Mancora have a dry tropical climate all year round, so there is no time when the visitor does not enjoythe sun and the sea breeze.

Tourist assistance:

Airline: With LAN Perú:
Lima - Piura (1:35 h approx.)
Flights: Three times a day
Price approx. (Round trip): $ 120 - $ 300
With cruz del sur:
Avenida Javier Prado 1109 San Isidro 225 6163 / 215 5031
Cruise Service (above) S/.100.00
Cruise Service (below) S/.140.00

With Civa:
Paseo de laRepublica 575 Lima La Victoria 332 5236 / 423 2755
Service Overcome S/45.00
Special Service S/.60.00
Bus bed S/80.00

Others Travel agencies:
* Enjoy Perú
* Zuni's Tours* Tráfico Perú
* Le Point Perú
* Condor Viajes
* Rundo Mundo

Usefull data
There are 2 ATMs in the center of Mancora, they work 24 hours and accept Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus,Electron, Diners Cirrus.
The only bank that there is the National Bank where you can change money and purchase money or transfers.
Health & Medical Center;
Mancora has a Health Centre withdoctors able and available to tourists, also has supplied to pharmacies in case you need it.

Mancora has a beautiful church in which all the faithful do not stop attending to theiremotional Mass
Mancora has its own City Hall and Commissioner to tell with all the services they provide and be protected forever.
Where to sleep?
The price of the hotels ranges from 190to 880 soles depending on the location of the hotel and the room itself.

El Refugio Hotel Arena Blanca
Costa Blanca
Bungalows Buena Vista
Las Arenas de Mancora...
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