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4to Semestre


“Amado Nervo”

Many natural disasters like earthquakes are inevitable, but youcantake steps to minimize their impact. You can build earthquake-proof buildings, the impact of flooding can be reduced throughengineering, reservoirs and pipelines, and alerting and advising thepublic in the event of major storms that are expected. Today we know that many disasters are reasonably predictable, and often occur in cycles to be associated with phenomena such assunspots and lunarorbit

Countries in seismic risk areas, such as Japan, have focused onresearch and implementation of cutting-edge constructiontechniques to withstand earthquakes and, in general, measures such asthe adoption of codes or building codes that regulate thelocation and design of buildings in high risk areas.
The communities have developed and implemented strategiescarefully prepared foremergencies. However, to Tokyo, despitehaving one of the best equipped in the world population isvulnerable to a natural disaster of this nature and can sufferserious damage and great loss of life. Tokyoproblems include soft ground in some places, which can disintegrate easily, many old buildings that are still fragile in the city.

* Although the dams are being used for many centuries, itsoriginal purpose was to serve as water reservoirs for irrigation and other domestic purposes and for energy production. Only recently have begun to be built for the specific purpose of controlling floods.* Another way to prevent the effect of floods, is only the very limited uses. Rivers and streams regulated by engineering works can be uncontrollable in certain exceptional conditions,resulting in various disasters. This leads to consider the need for water management plan a friendly environment that seeks to regulate itself, so as to cheapen the cost of infrastructure control or...
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