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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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San Miguel de Allende is located in central Mexico.

Its exquisite colonial architecture is a clear example of artistic eclecticism, which is revealed in details of baroque and neoclassicalbuildings like the San Miguel Archangel Parish Church or Oratory of San Felipe Neri.

In San Miguel de Allende will tour during the day, around to face exciting challenges that will offer flights in hanggliding or parachuting, while enjoying the grandeur of earth Guanajuato, which will leave a pleasant experience of life, which is difficult to conclude with a single visit. In the evening, strollthrough its historic downtown to enjoy the warm atmosphere of its bars and restaurants, is a delight, especially when it comes to taste its cuisine, irresistible blend of mestizo and Creole flavors thatoffer the sweetness of dishes as the luncheon, or fine composition of dishes such as foxtail, and typical pacholas, of which one may express praise.

the San Miguel Archangel parish church seems toset the pace for the city: morning in the main garden, evenings of fine dining and convivial drinking in renowned establishments such as the restaurant, where chef Donnie masterson´s contemporarycuisine dazzles, or harry´s bar, featuring Cajun recipes and new Orleans party atmosphere.

A lot of people think that San Miguel de allende´s old mines are full of quartz and that explains theenergizing effect it has on visitors, especially Americans and Canadians, many of whom keep second homes here.

Something that characterizes San Miguel de Allende is its rich traditions, in which events andreligious festivals play an important role. San Miguel is a town full of magic and mysticism which preserves ancient traditions and anywhere in the world occurs. It is a place full of culture and artthat is the setting for different traditions and customs that happen in this magical place.

Easter in San Miguel de Allende

if you want to have fun and take a relaxing holiday you should come...
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