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Rome the eternal city…

Rome the "Eternal City" is so called because it is a place of great beauty, contrast and life. Rome is eclectic: the world's religious center of the Catholic Church, thebeautiful ruin of the center of the Roman Empire and the modern, noisy Rome. These three features seem incongruous, but vivon together and one inside the other with great ease. Suddenly noticethat Rome was built to rule and dominate the world. Everything is in full scale, solid and "eternal."

About Rome
Think of going to Rome? Here you can find practical information and trivia about thecity of Rome, and Roman history, the Romans and the Roman Empire, the art and culture of the city such as their famous characters. In this part you can also read information on the economy of the cityand the most important events in Rome;

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Travel guide
Rome is a city to live and discover, in this part you will seek suggestions and information to experience "the sweet life": where to stay, getting around the city, where to gofor shopping but also what to do in the evening for example: Theatres and music! If you are interested in studying abroad see our page on Universities of Rome or search for information about thequality of life and cost of living in the city! Here you can find all kinds of curiosity, do not miss anything: Visit the useful maps and tourist offices in Rome! Also visit our page on sports and the...
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