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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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"The Scarlet Letter" Obscurities Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz

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"The Scarlet Letter" Obscurities
Created by unbelievable1 FunTrivia : Quizzes : Hawthorne, Nathaniel

"Nathaniel Hawthorne's, "The Scarlet Letter" is regarded as one of the greatest exemplifications of the Romantic novella. Let's see how well you know thebook."
15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit

1. How old is the sin-born daughter, Pearl, at the beginning of the
FIRST scaffold scene? 3 months 2 months 5 months 4 months

2. Which of thefollowing events in the book is not a remembrance
of Hester's as she stands on the scaffold? The comforting presence of her sister and brother at play. An older man with a scholarly visage and slightlyphysical deformity. Her paternal home in Old England. Her own girlish beauty as she gazed into a mirror.

3. What is/are the first word(s) that Hester speaks in the novel?
Cowardice is my teacher,a stern and wild one Leave me be
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"The Scarlet Letter" Obscurities Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz

Never Don'ttouch my Pearl!

4. Hester named her daughter Pearl because she bore a "calm,
white, unimpassioned luster," comparable to that of a pearl. True False

5. How much time passes between the first andlast scaffold scene?
5 years 7 years 6 years 4years

6. Which of the following is an incorrect representation of the
Scarlet Letter throughout the course of the novel? Able Adultress Avowal Angel7. In the chapter, "The Forest Walk," what does Pearl say to her
mother that "does not love" her? Her father, Dimmesdale The "wildness" of the river The woodland creatures The sunshine

8. A...
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