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I. Move up Keep track of behind schedule to the line
throw the book toe the line see eye to eye scratch the surface
getout the line move back go broke
Complete the sentences with the following phrase in the box

1. Sometimes people don´t have to __________________proper channels if they knowinfluential people
2. The judges_________________ at the defendant who was convicted of murder. The murder was sentenced to live in prison
3. If you__________________ too often on this job you´ll befired
4.The government is_____________________ on drugs sellers
5. Emmy usually does her work________________ she is not very inventive
6. You´re late I________________ move back to leave
7. Theconference___________________ a week because the election was at the same time
8. Rood and Jeff are always arguing they don´t__________________ on anything
9. Donna owes 3 months not rent but shealways___________________ she´ll probably win a lot of money or something
10. International student’s don´t always__________________ when they look for apartments
11. Although scientist have beenstudying the universe for centuries they´ve just_____________
II. Hold off
take up
show up
turn down
Complete the sentences with the two parts verbs

1. Will have to____________ my birthday´sparty
2. Victoria was_____________ yesterday so she has new job
3._____________ so early I was waiting for your money
4. I found he is older than me 30 years old can you believe it_____________ hisinvitation
III. Use idioms colors to explain what does it means
1. Very clear and easy____________________
2.Having money____________________
3. Something that is not true but that cause notharm_________________
4. To okay to start something _____________________
IV. Complete the following sentences using the correct idioms according to the meaning
1. Emiliano never think about...
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