Troy as a classic tragedy

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Troy as a Classic Tragedy
In order for a play or film to be a classic tragedy, it has to have certain elements like a protagonist who is good but not perfect. Also, the protagonist has a harmatia, which means a fatal flaw. The harmatia brings the downfall of the protagonist, and the downfall brings bad fortune. Also, a tragedy has to have a change from good fortune to bad fortune, and theplay/film has to be long enough to permit this change and permit the plausible and possible. There is also another important element, which is royalty, meaning that people from the royal family are involved in the movie. The last element is the recognition: a character’s realization of what he has done. He becomes a dynamic character when he chooses to do the right thing. The film Troy changes from goodfortune to bad fortune when Troy starts as a strong country but ends up really badly. The film Troy also has a protagonist, Achilles, whose harmatia is his pride. There is another important element of a classic tragedy that Troy has, which is the recognition. The movie Troy is a classic tragedy, because it has all the necessary elements.
An example of the change from good to bad fortune isTroy, which is a strong country, with a good king whose name is Priam. He has two sons: Prince Hector, the oldest one, and Prince Paris. Troy is also surrounded by walls that no army could have ever passed. All the people in the country live happily, and Troy is making peace with Sparta. Everything is good in the Trojans’ lives. On the other hand, Sparta is ruled by Agamemnon, who also wants to rulethe whole world; he has a brother, Menelaus, who has a wife, Helen. The downfall of Troy begins with the decision that Paris took the night when the delegations of Troy and Sparta were arranging the peace between the two countries. Helen and Paris were having an affair and fell in love with each other. Therefore, Paris asks Helen to go to Troy with him without thinking of the consequences that hewould have to face. As soon as they return to Troy, Menelaus discovers what Paris had done, and the whole Spartan army led by Menelaus and Agamemnon went after the two lovers, and also to declare war on Troy. That war was about much more than simply the stealing of a Spartan’s wife. It was about power and revenge. At the beginning Troy was apparently winning the war, but some bad decisions made bythe Trojans turned everything around and Troy ended up losing the war and changing Troy’s good fortune to a bad fortune.
To illustrate the element of a protagonist and his harmatia, the movie Troy shows Achilles, who is the best known warrior; he plays the main role in the movie, and he is seen as the most vital part of the Spartan army, but his pride eventually will bring his downfall.Achilles doesn’t fight for a king or for a country. He fights for his own pride. He wants his name to be remembered forever. Achilles shows no respect for the gods; this is true when the Spartans attacked the temple of Apollo and, Achilles chops off the head of the statue of Apollo. Achilles also shows how his pride is stronger than him when Achilles goes after Hector to kill him for the death of hiscousin Patroclus. Hector killed Patroclus by mistake, thinking that he was fighting Achilles; Hector’s body is dragged by Achilles all the way back to the Spartan camp in the shores of Troy, showing disrespect for Hector and Troy. The Spartans decides to make the Trojans believe that they have surrendered and are leaving, but they are planning on attacking Troy, using the element of surprise. TheSpartans make a gigantic horse of wood and hide inside it. The Trojans believe that the horse is a gift from the gods, and king Priam decides to bring it inside the impenetrable walls of Troy even though, Paris told Priam to burn it. Achilles was one of the soldiers inside the horse. They came out at night and destroyed the city, and ironically Achilles dies in front of the statue that he...
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