Trumpet voluntary (summary)

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This book deals with the story of a man whose loves bring him many different dangerous experiences. In this retrospective story, our main character called Derek, a viola musician, who remembers how his life has arrived to the point where he is at the moment, married with his best friend from the music academy, Rachel. He begins by recalling how he arrived to London to learn music manyyears ago, which was what he had been wondering for a long time. There, he met many different people who would be really important in his future. The most important events of this period of his life were his platonic love with a Polish girl named Malgosia who fell in love with an older music student who was really self-centred and the most popular student in the school, Tibor. Moreover while hewas expecting for her he followed studying and playing in a quartet, where he met Rachel with whom he had just an affair between friends. They both wouldn’t like to follow with their relationship so they carried on being just friends. After the first summer holidays in the school Malgosia broke up with Tibor because he committed an unfaithfulness with her sister in her home in Poland while theywere on holidays. Then Derek profits to win the heart of Malgosia and they got married after finishing the academy and they live together in London. Then it seemed that everything was perfect. But she began making many different trips to Scotland alone being assumed by him that she was there to relax herself. The truth was that she had been keeping in touch with Tibor because she still loved him. Soshe helped him by bringing a poison hidden in a trumpet box from Scotland to England.
One day she disappeared and Derek became crazy, but he discovered an e-mail from Tibor to his wife where he was asking her to bring the poison to Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards he was interrogated by the police about Malgosia and he decided to travel to Rio. In that moment he was helped by two friends who told himwhere Tibor and his wife were, so he found them and he was shooted when he tried to rescue her. When he recovered from that, he realized that he was lucky to be alive and that his wife had escaped and was poisoned and near to die. So he came back to Poland where he knew that Malgosia was but it was pointless because she finally died.
After that he was so sceptical that he decided to come back toEngland where he was arrested by the police because of his wife crimes. When he was near to be jailed, Rachel’s mother who is a lawyer helped him and police set him free. Afterwards he fell in love with Rachel and he decided to come back to Rio in order to discover the truth of Tibor. This was that Tibor was going to sell this poison weapon to someone. Moreover he had been playing with Malgosiaand her sister during all those years and Malgosia had committed suicide by poison because Tibor had rejected her. So Derek became crazy and contributed in Tibor’s accident which killed him.
Then he came back to London with Rachel and both lived together. That’s the point where Derek begins recalling his story from.

Characters Description

• Dereck: He is a viola player and mad about love.Along the story we can prove how he feels a blind love to Malgosia and this is going deeply mark him. I mean the way his life develops is completely different that it had been if he hadn’t fallen in love with Malgosia. Although there are a lot of objections between him and Malgosia and she is never completely involved in their relationship, he isn’t worried about it and follows believing in theirrelationship. So that we can say that he is an ambitious person in love questions and he is self-confident at the same time. Moreover he has an special ability to persuade other people to help him but never under blackmail.
He is not a very well-known student during his music learning period although he can be really friendly for those people he gets on well with.
On the other hand he is...
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