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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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Tsimane Lodge Jungle dorado
and pacu

Henry Gilbey travels into the wilds of Bolivia and comes back raving about a clearwater jungle location loaded with giant dorado and pacu.


Fishing Wild

Ts i m a n e L o d g e


If you would prefer to spend your evening looking at a bunch of fishing pictures instead of reading a lengthy article extolling the virtues of a particular speciesor location, then allow me to save you the hassle right now. Chasing big dorado and the rare Amazon pacu (known also as pirapitinga or even freshwater permit) in clear rivers within the pristine jungles of Bolivia is flat out the best freshwater fly fishing I have ever seen. There you go. Have a great evening. Skip my words, have a look at the photos and get yourself out there. It’s that good.But if you like to immerse yourself in a proper adventure fishing story, then please read on and I’ll do my best to take you deep into the remote Bolivian jungle. Allow me to bring you up to speed with one of the world’s newest and most out there fishing experiences. It’s one of those trips that does not really begin to properly sink in until you are back home and playing those key moments over andover in your head. Dorado are just an awesome fish to catch, indeed it’s not until you go and spend some time in parts of South America that you will understand how much these magnificent fish Top: A local ger camp surrounded by livestock on the desolate Mongolian steppe. Middle: Fish Mongolia’s fixed ger camp on the Delger-Muron river. We stayed our first night here and then rafted off downstreamand spent the rest of our nights under canvas. Note the chimney poking out of the ger’s roof; the wood burning stove is like lifeblood in the cold. Bottom: Peace and quiet for the morning movements. Without doubt the ‘prettiest’ loo/toilet/bog I have ever seen. Ian relaxes and reads a comic to help pass the time.

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Fishing Wild

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Top: Pete McLeod with a decent lenok he nailed one glorious afternoon. It’s tempting to spend far too much time chasing these greedyfish, but the taimen are always calling. Middle: I have been waiting a long time for the right light and geography conditions to nail this kind of photo. Alex McLeod unhooks yet another good lenok and wonders why on earth the photographer (me) is literally shaking with excitement at being able to create this exposure. Mongolia is off the scale special for so many reasons.


Fishing Wild...
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