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What is tsunami?
Tsunami is the movement (oscillation) like waves,(water waves) of a mass of water in the seas or in the oceans, caused by an earthquake; a volcanic eruption, a sliding inbottom of the sea of a meteorite.

From where does the word Tsunami come from?
The word Tsunami comes from the Japanese “TSU” that mean port or bay and “NAMI” means wave. Formerly it was namedswells, tidal waves or seismic waves, but these terms have been obsolete, since they do not describe the phenomenon suitably. The first two swells and tidal waves imply tide movements; in the other handthe seismic waves imply an earthquake.

Typical of a Tsunami:
A- Occurrence frequency. The frequency, in which it can happen, cannot be predicted due to the causes originated, that it.
B-The high of tsunamis. Some tsunamis can be very great. In coastal zones its height can reach up to 10 or more meters ( 40 in extreme cases) and several kilometers can be propagated.
Where a Tsunami isborn?
The Pacific Ocean is prone to the production of Tsunami by virtue of the great amount of submarine earthquakes (tidal waves). Never the less Tsunamis have occurd at less extention, in theAtlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. In the last 100 years 258 Tsunami took place of different degrees only in the Pacific Ocean.

What it originates a Tsunami?

Theearthquakes the greats cause of Tsunami. So that an earthquake originates Tsunami the bottom of the marine must be moved abruptly in vertical sense, so that the ocean is impelled outside, its normal balance.The waves are generated. Not all earthquakes generate Tsunamis ; but only those of great magnitude, that occur in the depths of the marine and that are able to deform it.

What effects orconsequences does a Tsunami produce?

A Tsunami in water could feel like a big wave could reach shore and could destroy up to kilometers into Sea.
The turbulences that produces in water can drag rocks and...
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