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  • Publicado : 30 de julio de 2010
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Hey Aleksi,

I’m sorry for not emailing you for so long. I might have told you that I was doing exams in January and probably would be busy while preparing for them. I just can’t remember when I last emailed you. I guess it was a long time ago. I’m too lazy to work it out myself… As I can see from your letter, you are enjoying your holidays or you *were* enjoying your holidays.. ;) Are you atschool yet or are you still in Russia? 

Have you visited Moscow? If you’ve been to Moscow, tell me what you were doing here! That would really be interesting! I have a lot to tell you about. But first of all, I’d like to comment on your letter.

There’s probably no point in suggesting anything interesting to do in Moscow now because you’ve already been here. There are plenty of interestingthings to see in the capital of Russia. It depends what you’d like to see. Even though I know most of your hobbies, it’s hard for me to make any suggestions about what you should see in Moscow. If you haven’t visited Moscow yet, just tell me, and I’ll try to think of as many great places to see as I can.

Glad to hear you’re keen on taking photos as well. I guess you have an expensive camera, yeah?I actually have two digital cameras. One costs about $400 and is very good. Since I’m no professional photographer, I like this camera very much. I recently read a review of this camera on PC Magazine’s website and was surprised by the comments it received. They say that there’s quite a bit of noise in the photos taken by my camera. That’s odd ‘coz I can hardly see any noise at all. Maybe,compared to other cameras, my camera has a lot of noise but I’m quite satisfied with the quality of most of my photos. The other camera costs just about $150 but the big advantage of this camera is its size. It’s twice as small as the other one. You can quite easily put it in your pocket and be sure that you’ll be able to take a photo of anything you want. 
Now, actually, I’ve got only one camera (for$150), ‘coz my Daddy dropped the expensive one while he was in Europe. Since I was used to taking photos with that camera it was hard for me to work with the other camera. My Daddy says that we’ll buy a new good (I mean fairly expensive) digital camera if this one can’t be mended. We’ll see. 

I always take plenty of photos when traveling. I think it’s ok that some pics are rubbish because it’simpossible to take only great ones. Both my laptop and PC are crammed with photos as well. I’m planning on transferring them onto DVDs sometime. I’ve already burned about 6 CDs with photos but that was about a year ago and I’ve taken plenty more photos since then. I’ve worked out recently that I need to buy 2 (maybe 3) DVDs (4.7Gb each) to burn all my photos. I want to transfer them all onto discsbecause I’m afraid of losing them. If anything goes wrong with my HDD, I won’t be able to restore them.

I also get shitty when I’m distracted by someone who knows that I’m working. I couldn’t care less about your language because I too use swear words pretty often when hanging out with my friends. . I’ve been getting less and less privacy in my room lately. I’m very annoyed when someone entersmy room when I’m listening to music with my headphones. I sometimes don’t even notice them enter the room and get frightened when they suddenly start speaking to me. On the other hand, I understand that I can’t do anything about it. I don’t really feel like forbidding coming into room when I’m in. My parents wouldn’t understand that! And they would be right!

As for contemporary art, I don’tthink much of it. Don’t think badly of me. I’m not a fan of art, frankly. I like some pictures but they hardly ever make much impression on me 

It’s time I said a few words about my exams. We did four exams. They’re Philosophy, Economics, Math, and Russian History. I got excellent grades for the first two, bad one for Math (Linear Algebra), and good one for Russian History. I was always good at...
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