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  • Publicado : 18 de septiembre de 2010
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According to the world Organization for health (who), drug is any substance that introduced into a living organism by any route (inhalation) (ingestion, intramuscular, endovenous) isable to act on the system central nervous causing a disturbance physical and/or psychological, the new sensations experimentation or modification of a mental state, that is able to change the behavior ofthe person, and that has the ability to generate dependency and tolerance in their consumer

According to this definition, are drugs marijuana, cocaine, pasta basis, ecstasy, heroin, tobacco,alcohol, and some drugs.

The concept of drug refers to the modification can be harmful or beneficial and time management-dependent and the dose and characteristics of the person who consumes.

To makea drug considered as such must meet the following conditions:

·Be substances introduced in a living organism are able alter or modify one or more psychological features of it (character)(psicótropo or psychoactive)
·Induce persons taking them to repeat their self-management by pleasure that generate
·Cease its consumption can lead to a great somatic discomfort or psychic (physical orpsychological dependence)
·Not have no medical application and if you do, you may use non-medical
Its regular use can generate processes known as:

·Dependencia: after a typical use more or lessprolonged, the person needs to consume the substance concerned
·To not experience withdrawal (physical dependence)
·To cope with everyday life (psychological dependence)

·Abstinencia: syndromeset of physical reactions or body that occur when a person with a substance addiction (alcohol or drinks with ethanol, tobacco, or other drugs) ceases to consume it. Although the symptoms vary in formand intensity according to product employee and time dependency, has been developed in all the cases are due to the normal functioning of the system has been altered nervous. Although poses a...
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