Tu amor hacia me

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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She and her daughter

When I gave birth
I felt scared for you
Since that moment
I really know that you’ll be my little baby girl

You was an adventure
But my love for you isn’t
I wasthinking in your happy birthdays
And also in your school experience

When you were 10 years old
You was really crossbeam
You started to yell at me
But I still love you

Finally arrive your 15years
I was so excited for celebrate your party
You was extremely indecisive
But I pushed you

You accepted my proposal
But you really was so immature
You made a lot of adult mistakes
You wasso in love

I can’t believe it
I cry until dry me
But you grew up and got conscience
About all may love for you

Moms love is gigantic. We never should forget our mothers.Even though our mistakes are big or little your mother will be there for you.

This poem is about a mother who is talking to her daughter. It talks about the love of a mother thru herdaughter. The love of a mother is a love that never could be compare; is a love that anyone could change because is one of the best thing God gave us. A mother is the hero that God gave us as we wereinside her body. There are some kinds of love: God love, marriage love, nature love, friends love and one of the most important is the family love, especially mother’s love.

A motheris the person who carried us thru our life. Is the person who makes us learn the good things and the bad thing is also who suffered when we are in sadness. She is the one that make the impossible tomake us happy and to accomplish the role as a good mother. A mother for me is the person that I love most because she is there when I needed at the most.

The love of a daughter to a mother is alove very strong. Thru the year our mother makes us love thru thing. When I was a child my mother for me was everything for my life and still the most important thing in my whole life. A daughter...
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