Turism in groningen

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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This report is the result of the participation of the course “Understanding Travel&Tourism”.
Our project group exists of five students, following the minor International Travel&Tourism at the International Business School of the Hanze University in Groningen. The five students are: Erik van der Haar, Nienke Smidt, Jessica Bosker, Jon Ander Lopez and Joukje Venema.

This reportincludes the results of the group assignment:

‘Develop a product offering a discount on accommodations, attractions and services within the city of Groningen to a viable target (tourist) market.’

To develop such a product we had many contacts with other people, we would like to thank everybody who helped us with creating this great product. Especially we would like to thank:

- Mrs. M.Oudshoorn-Füller for coaching us during this project
- Our interviewee’s, who gave us the results of the primary research
- Mr. J. Westerhuijs (Groningen Congress Bureau)
- Mr. P. Baak (Groninger Museum)
- Mr. R. de jonge (Inventus)

We hope this product can be considered by Marketing Groningen, as the solution for increasing the tourism in the city of Groningen.

Project groupI

Erik van der Haar
Nienke Smidt
Jessica Bosker
Jon Ander Lopez
Joukje Venema

Table of contents

1. Description of the target market 6
2. Viability of the target market 8
3. Other requirements necessary to execute the promotion 10
4. Desired result of the product 11
5. Expected tourist satisfaction 11
6. Local benefits 12
7. Product design 12
8. Product use 13
9. Attractions,services and accommodations chosen 14
9.1 Locations: 14
9.2 Attractions: 15
9.3 Accommodations 15
9.4 Restaurants 16
10. Transportation information 17
11. Selected promotional activities 19
11.1 Magazine 19
11.2 Newspaper 19
11.3 Advertisement design 20
11.4 Promotional costs 21
11.5 Web design 22
12. Production Costs 24
13. Marketing plan 25
13.1 Sales and salesgrowth 25
13.2 Market share 25
13.3 Demands for profit 25
13.4 Product development 26
13.5 Ways of distribution 26
13.6 Price 26
13.7 Promotion of the product 27
13.8 Ways of getting money 27
14. Attracting stakeholders 28
15. Visit to the Groninger Museum 29
16. Production and distribution of the product 30
17. Breakdown of all costs involved 31
18. Comparativeassessment 32
18.3 Differences with our product 34
18.4 Similarities with our product 34
19. Bibliography 36
20. Appendix 38
1- Questionnaire 39
2- Secondary research 42
3- Article: ‘Werven in Randstad’ 46
4- Article ‘De kracht van het adverteren in het FD’ 47
5- Selection emails from companies 50


In which way can Business Select increase the tourism in the City of Groningen?Which people does Business Select want to attract? Who is interested in spending time in the city of Groningen?

The answer:
The target market of the product will be business people from the Randstad. The Randstad means Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Utrecht. We mean by business people, those people who organise meetings, seminars, workshops etc. and the business people who have influence on theorganisation of those events. The results of the research show us that this target market is suitable for increasing the tourism industry in Groningen. The city of Groningen offers them what they want and more: Good business facilities, good transport facilities, good attractions, especially the restaurants and opportunity to expand their network, and this against a reduced price. Up to now, thetarget market is not really familiar with the city of Groningen. Main reason for this is the distance. Besides the distance another reason is the 24 hrs. economy in the Randstad, they have everything within reach of their business.

On the other hand a challenge for Marketing Groningen is, to make them well-known with the city. Because of the duration of the business programs, (longer than 24...