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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2012
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Mtro. Bersaìn Chacha Coto


L.T. Mayra Gisela May Pacab

14 Enero 2012

English around the world: the case for learning
Usually teaching, as an activity, is a hard work, but teach English will be the double and it is very important to be prepared and understand thefacts that we are non native speaker and English as an international language those facts make us put a big effort and a big responsibility to do it.

Non-native English teachers

In this part talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this condition, because your students will see in you as a success I mean if we can learn it they can do it too, and do not see the Lenguaje as something veryhard to learn and in other part it is very important to have a good level in the pronunciation for have good results. I think there are more advantages because also the explanation of they can understand completely in English you can make an exception only for they can understand very well.

The English as an international language
Because this language is used around the world and also indifferent areas this make the parents give that education for their children can have a good preparation in their adult life and in this times as much you know will be the opportunities that you have to get an excellent job. And understanding this situation the students can be motivate them to learn more if they want to use a computer or another instrument that the instructions are in English.Turning things to your advantage
As soon as you understand clearly you strengths and weaknesses in the language you can learn also to use the students experiences as a tool and this can make the them learn faster because you are talking about something that interest them forget the old way when the teacher only talk talk and talk and the student lose interest in the class because they do not find areason to pay attention.

Teachers. Students and classrooms
The teacher is responsible for their students knowledge, this is the main role as a teacher. In this case they have the responsibility to use clear examples and use resources that they have in hand, it is true that the technology it is the best tool the if we do not have it they have to use they have also is important to provide thestudents some information and make them investigate more and more.

Teacher Resources
The resources that has the teacher available can vary according the environments where he will be, but can include the following:

❖ The teacher is the main key to motivate students and a model for success.

❖ Students: are the main focuses of the teacher and also we have so have to keep them motivatedthem and encourage to practice every day.

❖ The school environment: this will be the second home and will be helpful if they feel in confidence and they will learn more

❖ The environment outside the school: It is important to consider the vocabulary around hem for the Lenguaje will be usefull.

❖ Learning materials as the school book, material that you can do or buy, somepictures for make the classes fun and also activities that can motivate the students to learn more.

Primary level learners
It is important start learning the new lenguaje been a child and could be easly but even being an adult can do it the most important thing is practice what you learn for do not forget it, I think practice is the key for improve our lenguaje


Grammar describes theorganization of a language. The grammar is a little bored for children and we have to find the best and fun way to teach it. In the organization we can explain it as an organizational way or when do you use it for example the first conditional: if + will + verb + the second uses three prepositions of place: across from, next to and between also they can say that the first sentence is an example...