Turning machines - lathe chuck maintenance

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Turning Machines - Lathe Chuck Maintenance 
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Lathe chucks hold the work while machining is taking place. The chuck is an integral part of the machining process. After time the lathe chuck will need to be cleaned and lubricated. Cleaning and oiling of the chuck should be done on a regularly scheduled basis as well as whenever the chuck jaws becomedifficult to move.
Parts of a Chuck
|To properly clean a lathe chuck, it must be disassembled, but before we disassemble |[pic] |
|the chuck let's take a closer look at the parts that make up the chuck in Figure 1. |Figure 1  Parts of a 3-jaw chuck|

Removing the Jaws
Back the chuck jaws out of the T-slots with the chuck wrench. Wipe the jaws with a clean cloth and cover the jaws with a light film of oil.
Cleaning the Chuck
Clean the scroll and the chuck slots with a clean rag and/or brush. Wipe the scroll and chuck slots with a clean, lightly oiled rag. Do not use toomuch oil on the chuck. Excessive amounts of oil will collect dirt and chips that will eventually clog the chuck jaws and scroll. Proper lubrication is covered in the next section.
Chuck Lubrication
As a minimum, all chucks equipped with grease nipples should be lubricated at least once a week. Lubricants should be a high quality designed for lubricating high pressure contact surfaces. Thelubricant should be able to resist coolant and other chemicals. To lubricate those chucks without grease fittings, you must remove the jaws to expose the scroll and apply a light coating of grease to the scroll and re-assemble the jaws.
|Replacing the Chuck Jaws |[pic]|
|After cleaning the jaws, the scroll, and the t-slots, it is time to put the chuck back together. The jaws and the chuck jaw slots are|Figure 2  Enter jaw number 1 in the slot numbered 1 when the scroll thread |
|numbered 1,2, and 3. The jaws must be inserted into the slots having the corresponding number. DO NOT INTERCHANGE JAWS FROM ONECHUCK|start is in this position. |
|SLOT TO ANOTHER. Turn the scroll until the scroll thread start on the outside edge of the scroll plate does not quite enter jaw slot | |
|Number 1 (Figure 2).| |

|Enter Jaw Number 1 in slot number 1|[pic] |
|(Figure 3). Turn the scroll until |Figure 3  Steps in mounting thejaws |
|the scroll thread start on the | |
|outside edge of the scroll plate ||
|does not quite enter Jaw Slot | |
|Number 2....