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  • Publicado : 22 de septiembre de 2010
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A player asks you for your password. Would you give it to the player? 0Yes, if the player is a gamemaster. 0Yes, if the player is a tutor. 0Yes, if the player seems trustworthy. 1No, nobody needs to know my password. 0Yes, if the player claims to be a member of the CipSoft Team. -As a tutor, how can I submit proposals to improve the game? 0Send an email to CipSoft. 0Use the rule violation repor.t1Post on the proposal board. 0Use the bug report function. 0Post on the help board. 0Post on the support boards. -How can you protect yourself against hacking? 0Use a very simple and short password. 0If you have bought a Premium Account, do not personalise the account to make sure no hacker can learn your real life data. 0Save the password in a file on your computer. 1Use a firewall and checkyour computer regularly with anti-virus programs. 0Share your account only with good friends. 1Never give your password or account number to anybody. 1Never accept files from other Tibia players. 1Never use any tools for Tibia that are not released by CipSoft. -How long can it take until payments for Premium Accounts arrive? 0Up to three months. 0No more than one week. 1Up to three weeks. 0No morethan 24 hours. -On how many Tibia accounts are you allowed to play at the same time? 0On all your Premium Accounts. 0On as many accounts as you want to. 0On no more than two accounts. 1Only on one account. 0On no more than four accounts. -What are the advantages of a character promotion? 1A higher maximum amount of soul points. 010% more experience points for killing monsters. 1The character maylearn an additional spell that is only available to promoted characters. 1Improved regeneration speed depending on the character's vocation. 1Faster soul point regeneration. 0You can give your character a new vocation title of your own choice.

0No loss of experience points when dying -What are the benefits if you have a Premium Account? 1You can rent houses and flats. 1You can enter the islandsof Edron and Darama. 1You can found a guild and invite players to join it. 1You can open a private chat channel and invite friends. 0Your character loses less experience points when dying. 0You can change your character name whenever you want to. 0You can transfer characters between worlds. 0You are allowed to violate the Tibia Rules. -What are the duties of a tutor? 0Answer questions on the helpboard. 1Check the tutor board regularly. 0Killing players for violating the Tibia Rules. 1Report bugs using the bug report of the client. 1Report character names that violate the Tibia Rules. 0Answer and process rule violation reports. 0Chat with players about quests in the help channel. 1Answer questions in the help channel. 1Answer questions on the support boards. -What are the permanentdisadvantages of characters while they are marked with a red skull? 0Blessings do not work for them. 0They cannot form a party. 0They lose five levels when dying. 1They lose all their equipment when dying. 1The "Amulet of Loss" does not work for them. 0They cannot enter protection zones. -What are the permanent disadvantages of characters who are marked with a red skull? 1They lose all their equipmentwhen dying. 0They cannot form a party. 0They lose five levels when dying. 0They cannot enter protection zones. -What are the requirements to become a senior tutor? 0The tutor must not have received more than one bad report within eight weeks. 0A tutor can only become senior tutor if appointed by a gamemaster. 1The account must be correctly personalised. 0The account must currently have premium statusto be able to apply. 1The account must be registered. 1The tutor must have been active for at least three months.

-What can you do if you have lost items or skills due to hacking or network problems? 0Ask a gamemaster to reset your character. 1Nothing. Items and skills are not restored. 0Write an email to CipSoft and ask for a character reset. 0Ask for a game reset in the forum on the...
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