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October 2009

Advanced process simulation software

◦ Uses equations of state and thermodynamic correlations to solve complex systems

Widely used in academia an industry Tutorial will coveronly basic use, required for CHEE 321 design project

Devon Lehrer - Project TA Eric Hardjo and Michael Fitzpatrick – Course TAs Mr. Dave Mody – Project Technical Advisor CHEE 470 HYSYS Tutorial (~2 hrs) available on CHEE 321 website

To create a stream

Unit operations are created in the same manner If the palette is not visible, it can be opened with this button
◦ Select the desiredunit operation from the palette instead of the stream icon

◦ Choose the blue arrow stream ◦ Click somewhere in the green workspace area

Need to specify a minimum of information so HYSYS can solvefor the state of the stream Double click on stream icon in workspace to open stream window

Values in blue are user inputs Values in black are calculated by HYSYS Values in red are HYSYS defaultsand may be changed by the user, though it may not be necessary

Open unit operation window

Choose stream to connect from Inlet and Outlet drop down menus Some unit operations require energystreams as well If the name of a stream that does not exist is entered manually, HYSYS will create that stream

Like streams, a minimum of information is necessary Double click on reactor icon inworkspace to open reactor window

Pumps can be specified in two ways
◦ If inlet and outlet streams connected to a pump are fully specified, then nothing needs to be specified in the pump unitoperation ◦ If outlet pressure is not specified, then a pressure differential across the pump, or a duty must be specified

Like pumps, heaters and coolers can be specified in two ways
◦ If both theinlet and outlet streams are fully specified, then nothing needs to be specified in the pump unit operation ◦ If the outlet stream is underspecified, then the heater or cooler can be solved by...
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