Tv: an alternate view

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Carrión 1 Television: An Alternate View

Robbery, violence, curses, immorality, death! That’s the mainstream opinion about people when they watch TV at any hour. There are many reasons why peopleto have a negative opinion about TV and its contents. As a matter of fact, Anti-TV supporters mention that “television has proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times;” in addition,“television is harmful because of the shows it broadcast and the way is used in home.” Despite of these opinions about television, there are other consequences related to the use of television and they are,in a certain way, less fatalistic. To be more specific, television have had a important and positive influence in people in a way that it changes obsolete cultural patterns, reduces the birth rate inpoor people, and teach people about themselves and their environment. First of all, television had a remarkable influence in many ways to change different cultural patterns that are obsolete in thesedays. Anti-TV supporters said that soup operas have been brainwashing for people. But if we dig deeper into this, we can find that the impact of soup operas can be interesting in a bigger perspective.For example, in a research made by Robert Jensen and Emily Oster, soups operas in Brazil and India have showed images of women that have power of opinion, a future as a professionals and economicalautonomy. (Kenny: 86). In soup operas of Globo Network of Brazil, women characters were independent, have less children and studying a career in college. These images of new women made Brazilians changetheir perspective about them. Women could improve their status and pursue other ways of living because of the influence of TV in people. Second of all, television has proved to be an interestingmethod of contraception. In words of Ghulam Nabi Azad, Health minister of India (Kenny: 86) said that in old times, people have no other way of entertain themselves but sex, and they tended to have...
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