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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Television is ruining our society

In the last few years new ways of entertainment related with technology have appeared and earned lots of adepts, but television is still the most popular. Quite afew the times I’ve heard that “Argentinean television is one of the best televisions in the world” but in my opinion local television is ruining our society.

One of the most common formats inpresent TV programs is the “replay shows”. Programs such as TVR, Zapping, Duro de domar and RSM analyze actuality, mainly in a mugging way. Entire blocks can be made making fun of, for instance someKarina Jelinek’s incorrect statement or an impolite guest who curses on air in Anabelle Ascar’s Show. This kind of TV program that shows other TV programs not only makes a subject repetitive as we see itin every channel several times a day, but also contributes to the popularity of people like Zulma Lobato or Ricardo Fort who wouldn’t have been noticed otherwise. Additionally, as these types of showsdon’t require much production or large budgets, replace others projects, decreasing the number of jobs available in the field so every season we see more repetitions and less and less actors andactresses on screen.

It is a fact there is violence on TV, consequently it had came up to a point in which violence doesn’t only limit to movies and fiction programs, and you can also find it ingossips shows, like the time when Eliana Guercio slapped Polino on the face. Who can forget the terrible bit up that a former boxer gave to a producer in a CronicaTv afternoon show on live? Not evenmention the day that Mirtha Legrand insulted her production staff. Let’s face it, watching Marcelo Tinelli drawing a moustache on a Tito’s photograph and giving it a black eye provokes a mixture ofcuriosity and horror that results entertainment, even funny. We are always expectant to see how far he can get, who talks against the most famous presenter in the country and who don’t. We just cannot...
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