Tvxq supporting letter from 4 languages

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[Trans] 091111 Supporting Letter for TVXQ in 4 Different Languages

TVXQ and Cassiopeia are one. (TVXQ and Cassiopeia, we are one.)
TVXQ, the Rising Gods of the East
Cassiopeia, the guardian ofthe constellation of TVXQ

Recientemente, ha habido muchas noticias sobre TVXQ, y estamos realmente preocupadas; SM esta actualmente esta usando muchas maneras para atacar a TVXQ en un atentadopara dividir a los dioses y a nosotras. Estas acciones son……
Recently, there have been a lot of news regarding TVXQ, and we are very worried; SM is currently using many ways to attack TVXQ in anattempt to divide the gods and us. These actions are unbearable, but SM will never tear us apart.
Six years have already passed, and we now have enough strength to protect TVXQ. We made a promise that nomatter what happens we will stand by TVXQ. We love you and believe in you, just like we have since the beginning.
Please do not forget our promise. When you are sad and down, there is still us. Whenyou are sad, happy, or having a hard time, just turn your head and we will always be there for you, to support and cheer you on.
TVXQ, we will walk with you to the end.
During those six years, wehave matured, and have gained trust for one another. Every scene has been imprinted onto our minds; the sadness, the pain, the touching moments, and the happiness – these are what we shared together.Every single page is the footprints of love. We have grown up maturely; though we may not be able to do much, we have chosen to believe and we choose to protect willingly.
We always wanted to sayout loud, “Dong Bang Shin Ki, it has been tough for you, but all the sweat and tears were worth it. Please take care of yourselves!
Dong Bang Shin Ki, please take the courage and the love from eachone of us, and keep moving forward.
We will support you towards the road to the future!
Cassiopeia will always be by your side. We will never leave!
We are TVXQ’s Cassiopeia forever.
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