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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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A fantastic and romantic novel about a dangerous love between a normal girl and a vampire, I thoroughly enjoy Stephenie Meyer´s novel it narrates the story of Bella Swan, a teenager 17years old she moves to Forks in Washington with his father, there she meets Edward Cullen the love of her life but also the most dangerous.
The book opens with Bella a teenager who has always lived withher mom Renée in Phoenix Arizona, after her mom got married again with Phil a baseball player she decided to move to Forks in Washington with her father Charlie.
In her new school she meets Jessica,Angela, Mike and Erick normal teenagers and she also see group of five strange and beautiful guys Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Emmet and Edward Cullen.
Bella looks specially Edward, nevertheless it seemsnot to have any interest, but in class of biology he sits next to her, after that he disappears for a week, and when he came back he saved her of an accident, but he never told her how can he stop thecar and Bella is upset with that.
Bella meets Jacob Black, son of the best friend of her dad and descendant of a tribe in Forks; he tells her a legend, after that Bella starts suspecting that Edwardis a vampire, but her love for him is stronger.
Edward confirms Bella´s suspicions and even when is dangerous they start a relationship, and in a baseball game with Edward´s family another clan ofvampires appear and one of them James tries to attack Bella, after that begins a hunt to find Bella, the Cullen try to hide her, but she is cheated by James, telling her that he has her mom, she goeswhere James told her and when she arrives she discovers that it was a trap, James hurts her but Edward and his family arrive and save her.
Consequently at the end of the book Bella asked Edward totransform her in a vampire but he didn´t accept.
One of the things I liked best about the book is that the story wraps you, and you fell like if you are part of the story, and that the characters are...
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