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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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I read Twilight, a fictional-love story, talks about seventeen year old Bella,a very little self-esteem girl, even after causing themost handsome and mysterious boy in school to fall in love with her and who moves from sunny Phoenix to rainy Forks, Washington, but the newschool is the least of her troubles.
She soon finds herself attracted to a mysterious boy who seems to be infuriated by her mere presence. .Edward, the handsome vampire that resist his dessire of blood, get in love of the misterious and not really gorgeous girl, Bella Swan.

She startsto intrigate in Edwards skills and she invesitgate until she knows that Edward is definitly a vampire, of curse she's scared about the wholeidea, but even that she doesn't feel scare, even she starts to feel in love with him.
Soon, however, the truth comes out and the two becomeinseparable.
All the adventure love that both have its what all girls could think, he's too much perfect ans she's not too much.
Everything in thisbook talks about their relashionship and how edward could over take it.
The curiosity is that Bella's blood results irresistible for edward,heloves her so much that he ressist his impulss of been...well, vampire.

Pretty much in this first of the three novel books talks about this unreallove where Bella an ordinal girl and Edward the vampire and how they feel in love. And how he fights to save her, from himself and from others.
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