Twofold purpose

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Twofold Purpose

We humans who need spend time with other people. So we can't have a healthy life by living alone. That's why individuals are dependent from society.

The same way, societydepends on individuals. People are unique in their own way. And that's why they are an important piece in society. Society is not completed without the individual.

In my volunteer work at Padre AmadorFoundation, I have met kids, and others voluntaries, that have taught me some special things.

I learn How important is the value of a true smile and bring happiness for others. These Kids need somuch love and they have a lot of love to give.

The only teacher they have, sometimes is not enough, so I support
her job, and I try to give the best in every class.

Gabriela (teacher) is anexample for me about help, patient, love and goodness because she teaches every day in the Foundation and nobody pays for that. The only reason is her love for these kids.

The Kids are veryintelligent and they love doing handicrafts much as play, that´s why every week I start a new project. They like learning something new and experimenting with different materials.

I must mention our systemto "create" something new (handicrafts):

First, boys and girls finish all their homework. Them my partner and me explain the project, step by step. And together we do the handicrafts.Approximately the process during 45 minutes

Always we try to promote group activities because they learn How to share experiences with other children and the result of that is a strong friendship.

Themost important about this experience is my reflection about what is the important things in life and what is a superficial thing. I spend time thinking only in myself but these children teach meimportant values like a respect, generosity, and real love. Until now I don’t know how gratifying is help others and how much they teach me about life in many ways.

I am very grateful with those people...
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