Types of pet`s owners

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A considerable number of people around the world have pets, and as there are a variety of them , the are types of pet´s owners too. There are the people how have their pets because the like them alot and they consider them as part of their families, also there are the ones who have their pets because they are useful for them, the help disable people, and the owners who have their pets but theydon’t care about them.
The first type of pet´s owners are people who decide to have a pets because they like animals and they accept the responsibility that having a pet means. They just love them andenjoy passing time with them, They like taking care of them, as if they were pare part of their families , actually that´s what pets are considered to be for them.
Moreover, there are owners thatget a pet because they have some problems or they are handicapped people that need someone to support them, this kind of pets are very useful for them , they do simple, basic but very important thingsto keep their owners in safe way. The relationship between pets and owners usually become very successful, they start to be a very important part of this people´s life.
On the other hand , there aresome people that get excited about having a pet at the beginning but as the time passes they started to feel less and less interested and finally they forget that they have the responsibility to takecare of them, and the pets are abandoned, This is a very common case here in our country, unfortunately there are not laws that protect pet´s rights and it is very sad to see dogs another kind ofanimals walking on streets without having something to eat or someone to take care of them.
Finally there are tree very important groups of pet`s owners , the fisrt two are the positive ones that havethey pets because they like them or they are very useful for them .The third type is the careless owner that don´t take care of their pets. I think pets deserve a good treatment and love form their...
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