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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Tyra W
Will we someday take the correct way without asking or receiving help from someone else? I don’t think so, right! And I knowthat everyone that read this would talk to me and tell me that I am in the correct thing. When I look for something in the life I am always asking to myself if I am going to do something wrong and thatif is better for me to leave making what I am doing in that moment. For that is the reason that I hope that when I get marry, I take the good way and stay with a good man that comprehends me and thatdoesn´t hurt myself in a bad way, like leaving my son or my daughter without a father and without someone who shows him or her how the life is and how the things occur in an easily form but at the sametime wrong.
I really think that every second of our lives is very important to correct our form of thinking about every problem that we have orevery nice moment we want to have with someone we love. The reason why I can’t have an excellent future and that I can’t have everything that I really want to have is because I am not perfect; ok,NOBODY IS PERFECT, even a machine! I don’t want to try now and find the way that I can tell to everyone that you should not act like a stupid and a no-brain-person. Women can be stronger than men. I knowit and I know that we don’t deserve that a man abuse or leave her for another girl; maybe more pretty than her, but, does that man see the sacrifice that a woman make when she has a baby for having avery pretty and wonderful family with him and to demonstrate the love that she feels for him? It’s unbelievable!
I am really disappointed but Ithink that all women that haven’t a husband because he has leaved her can make her life better without someone in her life. Women shouldn’t get marry with someone only because they are desperate. Life...
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