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Media Company Grows Revenue from Internet Streaming

Customer Case Study

Holistic data center strategy helps Mediapro lay the foundations for profitable business growth. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Customer Name: Mediapro Industry: Media Location: Spain Company size: 3000 people Challenge
• Grow audiences and revenues by tapping into fast-growing Internet streaming market • Maximize serviceprofitability by eliminating need to subcontract content delivery

Mediapro is one of the biggest and fastest growing media and broadcast companies in Spain, and a leading player in the European audiovisual market. The talent of its 3500 highly trained staff, vast technical resources, and strategic relationships formed with partners around the world enable Mediapro to offer global services inthe creation and production of multimedia content. Available in a wide range of formats, this content includes drama series, films, documentaries, and news and sports programs, including the highly popular Spanish GOL TV La Liga football channels. Mediapro sells directly to end users and also offers live TV, time-shifted programming, and video-on-demand to service providers, which then integrateit within a triple play offer to their customers. As well as being Spain’s largest content producer, Mediapro is considered to be a leading example of how to successfully transition from traditional satellite and leased circuit services to a next-generation broadcast network. The company has built an IPTV transport platform, based on Cisco® Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, whichconnects 40 sites (known as injection points) countrywide and delivers high-quality, low-cost TV and video services to IP set-top boxes. Mediapro’s constant drive to grow audiences and revenues has seen it extend this IP architectural thinking to the data center. “We wanted to stream GOL TV to the Internet,” says Gustau Serra, chief information officer for Mediapro. “But, instead of outsourcing thecontent delivery to third parties, we wanted to be able to do this ourselves. This meant upgrading our production centers in Madrid and Barcelona. The aim was to provide both facilities with a new design able to support video streaming applications at 10 Gbps speeds. Also, by providing full virtualization capabilities, we wanted to make our operations more efficient and improve our speed tomarket.”

• Cisco Data Center business vision, architecture, and technologies • Cisco Unified Computing System and Nexus switching platform • Cisco Capital financing

• Created opportunity for €300,000 potential new revenue • Estimated savings of €250,000 from insourcing content delivery • Time to market accelerated by 50 percent

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Customer Case Study

“Although the business has experienced rapid growth, our IT department has remained more or less the same. We have a relatively small team, so the opportunity to bring together our network, server, and storage domains within one cohesive system was extremely attractive.”
Robert Cama IT Manager NetworkingMediapro

To find not just the strongest technical approach, but also the most favorable financial terms, Mediapro turned to its trusted advisor Cisco. “We were interested to hear how Cisco was transforming its own data centers,” says Serra. “They shared their strategy and explained how we could apply this approach to obtain greater value from our servers, networks, and storagesystems.” The Cisco Data Center approach is built on three main architectural pillars: • Virtualization and automation for easier deployment and management of workloads • Unified fabric that provides a single network optimized to support data and storage requirements • Unified computing that provides a responsive, adaptable computing platform for both physical and virtual environments. “Although...
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