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    - The literature is very important in life . You can know more people and people with literature
    - Literature is the creative works

Reading for information
    - There are two elements in the literature , the first is the passive element (it is in written form )
    - the second element is the interpretation of the document ( you have to find the author's message in thedocument)

Reading as communication
    - you can understand the text in its own way
    - You can interpret the text differently than other
    - There are three elements of reading: the first is the author , the second is the receiver and the third is the message

Literature and art
    - Art has two functions: the art has to be sweet and helpful

Categories artistic
" There are threecategories of art :
1. art for art , you believe art because you like , has no
2. art with a purpose Teaching : this form of art is to teach
3. committed art : used art by the social and political causes

The Art and Aesthetics
    - art is appreciated for its value
    - a good work of art expresses the feelings or ideas artist's

Aesthetics in its modern sense
    - a beautiful workof art create an immediate reaction
    - works believe it because it is spontaneous
    - artistic creation has a purpose. For example, the hunchback of notre dame is a site more popular because it has a lasting effect other
    - a beautiful work give us various emotions like empathy , compassion and love
    - Each person has emotions different when you read , hear or see an art form
Thetriple level literature
    - There are three areas of action in the literature:
   1. an information field
   2. an artistic field
   3. field psychological

The author and his work to the public : sociocultural implications

The author and his work
    - is a relationship social and cultural between author the work and reader
    - When you read a text, you should look to placesgeographical , the historical and status socio-political and economic of the place
    - the author writes of his own interpretation of the world

The reading public
    - The reader interprets a text in its own way
    - You should know the state socio-political and economic of the place when reading a text and when you interpret a text
    - In the author's biography , you know the language andthe subject of the text as the text was written
    - when an author writes a text , he uses a special technique because when you read the author you know what has happened in the country of author
    - Also when you read the biography of the author you know motivate the author and his literature. For example, factors historical , political, social , economic and cultural

factors environmentand historical and the style of the time
    - Authors , painters and people influence for their atmosphere and the era in which they live
    - You know the difference of a time and one for the fashion and style
    - times looks at something far
    - for example the Spanish painter paints a painting of Christ different from a painter Greco
    - brother- Spanish painter paints painting,interprets the situation with a religious way and the painter Bernier paints same painting with a way modern technological

The prevailing style to personal taste
    - All people have tastes personal and the people at the same time may have a different interpretation of one thing than another at the same time .

The style and literary periods
- periods literary has three major phases: thefirst, the peak (the Peak) and decline (the decline)

Narrative forms
    - The literary narratives are works that have a historical presence and having a narrator
    - the narratives are very old, the first narrative is a myth ( myth )
    - the difference between a novel and an account is the extent ( length) of the two
    - The novelists can write alga
    - A person who write the bills...
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