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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Evil of Alcohol

The next report is about the evil of alcohol. The alcohol is the liquid that is used to prepare drinks. The alcohol  are divided into three general classes: beers,wines, and spirits, the Alcohol is a psychoactive drug that has a depressant effect.
The people drink a lot in partys, clubs, discotec, etc but alcohol is unhealthy for the body, mindand soul because drink affect the liver, heart, the blood, the memory, pollutes the body. The alcohol in excess is very dangerous. People don’t eat healthy, don’t exercise the body, soit can have negatives affects with friends or family. Fallow this number, when a person consume alcohol in excess can become suddenly into a alcoholic, this addict person doesn’t life wellbecause the alcoholism. When a person drinks alcohol is absorbed in the stomach, and other porcent absorbed in the small intestine.

Drinking alcohol is really unhealthy for thebody’s health. In addition drinking alcohol can cause some diseases such as cancer: in the liver, pancreas, rectum, breast, mouth, esophagus and larynx. In the same way it can cause heartdisease: This causes raises blood pressure and heart disease in heavy drinkers. Hyperglycemias: Raises blood glucose and hypoglycaemia: Lowers blood glucose, especially for people who suffer ofdiabetes. Other diseases the alcohol causes is nervous disorders: causes dementia impairs balance and affect the memories and other diseases such as obesity, depression, anxiety, andinsomnia and in pregnant women can cause abnormalities.

Finally this report is the evil of alcohol and causes the drink alcohol; the alcohol is very dangerous for de body and lifebecause drink alcohol in excess is not good and cause a lot diseases and additions for the people consumer in excess but moderate isn’t perjudicial.

By Elizabeth Sanchez