Ultrasonido especificacion

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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1. Ultrasonic waves whose frequency is 1,000,000 to 3,000,000HZ, is a variety of
sound vibration without being able to be perceived by common sense of hearing.
It can accelerate theblood circulation and metabolism. By using ultrasonic
together with different cosmetic products, it can accelerate the product to deep
skin and achieves treatment and beatify effect.
2. Highfrequency electrotherapy instrument generates high speed vibrating
current. Its main functions are to kill bacteria, help the skin for excretion
and absorption, stimulate the glandular activity, andpromote blood circulation
and metabolism, against wrinkles and anti-aging effects.
As the vibration is too fast, it won’t cause muscle shrinkage. And it gives
physical stimulations.
3. The vacuumfunction is to use the small glass vacuum pope to deeply vacuum
out the black-head, white-head, acne, blain, dirt and grease etc.
4. The spray function is to use the spray bottle to spray themake-up water,
antipyretic or shrink lotion to diminish inflammation, comfort and nourish the
5. The electronic spot removing function is to utilize instantaneous wave made
by high voltage, toachieve cuticular cytoclasis. It manages to remove the spots
in skin without bleeding, scars, having prominent effect. And also this
instrument has eyebrow wash and underarm odour removalfunctions.
6. The brushing function is by using brushes to clean the skin. The brush will
automatically circumvolve when approach skin and clean the grease, black head,
make-up remnants and dirt.
7.The galvanic current treatment is to utilize the movement of DC positive and
negative ions, assorts with cosmetic products and to lead in nutrition to the
skin and lead out impurity, which make thecosmetic products penetrate into deep
skin and accelerate the absorb.

List of accessories:
Main frame: 1 PC
Power cable: 1 PC
Ultrasonic probes: Probe for face-1 PC, Probe for eye-1PC...
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