Un gion de el titanic

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All begins in a poor place in a poker game to decide who would win a trip on the new ship called the Titanic a boat that would resist a lot.
Jack: ohm that's the new ship "Titanic"
Friend of jack: yeah, that´s it
Jack and michaelo decided to get the tickets in a poker game.
Guy whoever: Well, gentlemen this game will deicide everything.
Friend of jack: Yea! , we won jack jack!Jack: run hurry up!
Captain: Come on all on board!
They in the last moment got entered to the ship.
Captain: Hey guys 5 feats more and you never had had the chance to enter in this ship.
Friend: We did it, we got enter uf!
Jack: Let´s to take a look.
Friend: Hey jack I’ll go to bed for a while, I’m tired
It is gone the friend to sleep and appear Rouse in the boat´s border, Jack gets rightwing bow of the boat there realizes that rouse you want to throw.
Jack: Miss please, don´t do it somebody like you, so beauty, why do you have reason for?
Rouse: Why do you say something like that (beauty)? Am I a beauty girl? (With a funny face)
Jack: Well I just said it ´cuz you´re a young one (girl)
Rouse: I guess you wanted flirt (coquetear) me don´t you?
Jack: ups, No, why do youthink so?!
Musician 1: Oh my goodness the love is so beautiful, it sound me like in love.
Musician 2: Yes, that´s it. It remembers me when my little husband Angel makes me feel shivers. Uy .
Captain: Yea you are right. What things!
Musician 1: Captain, Don´t you have to drive the ship?
Captain: Excuse me? , I forgot it. E, I’m going.
(Rose is started to go)
Jack: Hey before you run away ofhere, what´s your name?
Rouse: Rouse Well, I have to go 
Jack: will I see you again?
Rouse: I don´t know, may be, ;)
Jack: If it is not bad, what is your cabin?
Rouse: Don´t worry sexy and mysterious guy I’ll search you.
Jack: okay I’ll wait with yearning
Rouse: goodbye kisses garr ;)
Rose make feel Jack obviously, completely in love.
In the night Jack arrived to his cabin with Michaelo(his friend)
Jack: Men I don´t believe I´ve found the most beautiful girl in da world.
Michaelo (Jack´s friend): Men, damn! I was sleeping go to hell! I was dreaming with a beauty girl. She was friend of somebody called Rose and you were in a big problem. Tomorrow you can tell me about everything, in this moment, Let´s to sleep!
The next day rouse jack located on the deck
Jack: Good afternoonMiss
Rouse: good evening sir,sir, thinking it very well I don´t know what´s your name , what is it?
Jack: my name is jack dozon

Rouse: Very good sir jack, do you like to accompany me to walk?
Jack: sure miss.
Musician 2: Well we were right, in this boat smell like the great love
Captain: Ups, it was me, so much work, and the stress.
They go to the same border where they met them and …Jack: Rose do you feel that
Rose: Yes jack I can fly!
Jack: I’m the king of the world!
Musician 1: Do you feel it Jes? I can fly!
Musician 2: No you can´t you´ll kill yourself.
Musician 1: No look that guy, I can fly!
Maria jumped from the border she got a real hit and a flu.
At the end of walking they stop to spitting. Rouse started it.
Jack: No Rose it is not like that you have to takeimpulse look… (Spitting sound)
Rouse: Well I'll try to.
As a big surprise, rose´s mother appears! With his friend her name was Madeline and with Rose´s friend his name was Gisela.
Mother: rouse what are u doing?
Gisela: Yes Rose, why do you spit by the border?
Rouse: Nothing this is jack He´s only with me for a walking.
Mother: what way to walk hu! Good evening sir.
Gisela: Wow what friend,my room is 104, call me babe.
His mother don´t look at him like a good person He was a banana men for her!
Jack: Good afternoon my ladies. Nice to meet you.
Mother: Well, let's go rouse we have to go at dining room, nice to meet you banana men ups, jack.
Rose: Well may be we can invite jack please please mommy nice my little evil beauty.Mother: Ok!
Madeline: come on boy, you liked me,...
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