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Applying Participatory-GIS and Participatory Mapping to Participatory Spatial Planning (in particular to Local–level Land & Resources Management) utilising Local & Indigenous Spatial Knowledge A Bibliography

Michael K. McCall Dept. of Planning & Geo-Information Management ITC Enschede mccall@itc.nl © September2008
for regular updates, see: http://ppgis.iapad.org/pdf/pgis_psp_itk_cbnrm_biblio_mccall.pdf


2 Aberley, Doug; and Michael George (1998) Introduction to Bioregional Mapping. North Vancouver, BC: Tsleil-Waututh Nation Treaty Office. (4p.)
www.nativemaps.org/methods/bioregion2.html http://www.nativemaps.org/?q=node/1384

‘pgis, psp, lsk’ Application of PGIS and P-Mapping toParticipatory Spatial Planning (in particular to Local-level Land & Resources Management) Utilising Local & Indigenous Spatial Knowledge Michael K. McCall 12 Sept. 2008
Abbot, Jo; Robert Chambers; Christine Dunn; Trevor Harris; Emmanual de Merode; Gina Porter; Janet Townsend; and Daniel Weiner (1998) Participatory GIS: opportunity or oxymoron? Participatory Learning & Action PLA Notes (IIED, SustainableAgriculture & Rural Livelihoods), PLA 33, 27-34. Keywords: GIS requirements, technology ‘push’, (PRA), critique of PGIS applications, training, (South Africa- Kiepersol) Aberley, Doug (ed.) (1993) Boundaries of Home: Mapping for Local Empowerment. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society/New Catalyst. (138p.) Summary: Mapping the experience place; New terrain: current mapping thought; How to map yourbioregion: a primer for community activists; Evolving maps, evolving selves: access to further resources. Using overlays, tapestries and stories, communities are mapping what's crucial to them: water and air flow, community patterns, distribution of species, local history. The book also provides a step-by-step description of how to use accessible sources. Chap. 5 “How to Map your Bioregion.” Keywords:Canada, First Nations, community, Pmapping, PGIS methods, procedures, law, land title, history, culture, ITK, training, Bioregional mapping Aberley, Doug (1999) Giving the Land a Voice, Mapping our Home Places. Saltspring Island, BC: LTA Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia. (rev. ed.) Summary: based on workshop series – detailed explanations, sample inventory sheets, protecting sensitive areas,guide for a Bioregional Map Atlas, 20+ sample maps. Keywords: Canada, First Nations, community, Pmapping, PGIS methods, procedures, law, land title, Bioregional, training.

Keywords: Canada, BC, First Nations, TsleilWaututh, community, P-mapping, PGIS methods, procedures, training, Bioregional Mapping Abeto, Randy; Zeff Calilung; Joan Pauline Talubo; and Benny Cumatang (2004) Community mapping inthe Philippines: a case study on the Ancestral Domain Claim of the Higaonons in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. Paper given at: Regional Community Mapping Network Workshop, Nov. 2004, Diliman, Quezon City. (7p.)

Keywords: Philippines, Mindanao, PGIS, Pmapping, customary lands, land tenure, participation, law, PAFID, Agtulawon-Mintapod Higaonon Cumadonhttp://www.iapad.org/publications/ppgis/community_ma pping_in_the_philippines.pdf

Acción Contra el Hambre (2005) Agrimensura Campesina para la gestión local de la tierra y los recursos naturales. Managua: Acción Contra el Hambre (20 minutes)

Keywords: video; documental que narra la experiencia de la comunidad de Santo Domingo, Telpaneca en Nicaragua. Adhikari, K. R.; K. N. Pandit; and C. M. Schweik (1997)Integration of GIS and GPS Techniques in Irrigation and Forest Resources Mapping: Lessons Learned. IN: G. Shivakoti et al. (eds) (1997) People and Participation in Sustainable Development: Understanding the Dynamics of Natural Resource Systems. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, AND: Kathmandu: Tribhuvan University, Institute of Agriculture and...
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