Una entrevista con una seniora violada cuando fue menor de edad

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Interview Translated From Spanish to English:
Based on a true story
Interviewer: Edgar Macias
Person being interviewed: Angelica Gonzales, 56 years-old

1) When did everything start?

Response: It all started when I was ten years-old after my dad’s death. My mom started drinking a lot of alcohol, she became an alcoholic, and I had to deal with her daily, there was no day where shecouldn’t be drunk. She was the type of alcoholic who liked to go to a bar and get home like at two or three in the morning. One day, she brought a “friend” home, Jose Felix Montenegro, my mother was drunk as usual, he was fine, when mom introduced me to him, he didn’t stop looking at me from head to toes. Days, weeks, and months passed by and Jose kept on visiting our house. I had no problem with himcoming, but what I didn’t like was that he slept over in our house, and every time that happened, he would go to my room and do things to me that I didn’t like. After every day he came to my room, he threatened me by telling me that he would kill my mother if I said a word, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. One day, my mom told me about the big news, she was going to marry Jose. Of course I didn’tlike the idea of having a step-dad like Jose, but I had to understand my mother, she was “in love” with him; if I could had just told my mother what type of disgusting and horrible man Jose was, but she seemed so happy about it, I didn’t want to ruin her happiness that I’d never seen in a long time. They married, and Jose came to live with us, the days of my mom being an alcoholic continued; but onenight got out of control. My mom got really drunk, that she didn’t move at all; I can still remember that disgusting, painful, and horrible night. It was about two in the morning when I heard Jose’s steps coming near my room, and when I heard the doorknob twist and the door opening slowly, I closed my eyes tightly. When his hands touched my quilt, tears came out of my eyes, and when his handstouched me I couldn’t resist and I started screaming as hard as I could. But the screaming and the crying weren’t worth it, that horrible man rapped me. I felt disgusting, touched, I felt….sexually abused. After that night, my life changed, I was not the same person I used to be.

2) Who did you go to after this terrible situation happened?

Response: After that night I just couldn’t keep it tomyself, I decided to tell my mother all what had happened that night, and other nights. You will say that this is unbelievable, but my mom didn’t believe me when I told her. She slapped me and told me that how could I say something like that from an adorable man that she married. I couldn’t believe that my own mother didn’t believe me of something that really had happened to me. That day we wereeating dinner, and my mom brought up this conversation, she asked Jose if what I had told her was true, and of course Jose denied. He didn’t have the courage to say the truth and take it as a man, instead he just pretended he got mad. He stood up and walked out of the house and he never came back. My mother was even more mad at me after that, she said it was my fault that he had left. I couldn’tfind a way to make my mother understand that I wasn’t lying, but everything had a consequence and either way Jose would pay for what he did to me. He did pay, 2 weeks later we bought the newspaper and in the front page they announced that Jose Felix Montenegro had a car accident when he was leaving the city. My mother suffered even more. I didn’t know what to feel if either sorrow, or happiness forthe death of the man that had rapped me.

3) Did this affect your life? How?

Response: Yes, it affected my life in many ways. I was a child when this happened to me, so I was no longer the happy, playful little girl you used to see in school, hanging out with her friends, or the girl that was excited to go shopping with her mom, or any family member; I was a traumatized girl, a child...
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