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Future President there are many doors and many roads to explore in order for us to become the country that we once dream sir. I hope that you explore all of those roads sir.We have so much potential in this country to become the power that we once wanted to become.
Before anyone came in to our empire we were an empire that rule with so muchpride and had all the natural resources and all the knowledge necessary to make us the nation that we once were. I strongly believe that the next president of and the futurepresidents of this wonderful country must be a president that can handle a load of many issues surrounding our country.
Sir some of the issues that we must pay attention in ourcountry are: first the safety of all our citizens, second the education of our young ones and those that wish to continue learning, third the economy. I know that it may soundcrazy to put the economy in third but sir think of it this way, if we pay attention to the first two the third will grow sir.
Another thing that we must accept is theentrance of those from the south that wish to come to our country and be part of this nation sir. The entrance of those from the south or of anyone from any part of the world willcreate competition within our country and will make those that just sit around and wait for help from the government to actually stand up and work and find a way to survive. Wemust create a nation of opportunities and a nation of strong values.
It is time for us to become that nation that we once dreamt of. I invite to once go to a park, a coffeeplace, or a plaza and see the people that every day work hard to make a living and do their best to live an honest life. See the potential that this country of ours has.
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