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World Literature
Title: The rage of Aqulles
1.-Both agamemnon and achilles behave badly in this episode, Whom did you sympathize with more and why? ?
A= With Aquilles since I sympathize with hisway of thinking.
2.- why a plague has struck the Greek camp?
A= The plague struck Greek because of Agamemnon's negative to give back Chrysies's daughter.
2.B) why is the prophet calchasreluctant to explain the plague’s cause?
A= Because since the dying of the people was caused by the arrogant king, he didnt wanted the king to kill him because of revelaing the truth.
3.- on whatcondition will agamemnon five back chyseis to her father?
A= He gave back chyseis on the condition of having in exchange the woman of someone else.
b) why does Achilles take offense at this condition?A= He felt offendend because just because the kings arrogance someone had to give up the prize he received.
4.-How does agamemnon intend to punish achilles for arguing with him?
A= Achilleswas punished by having Braises, his concuvine, taken away against his will.
b) why does achilles accept this punishment?
A= Achilles silently accepted his punishment because Athena Came down andasked him not to kill anyone.
5.- how does achilles intend to get even with agamemnon for seizing briseis?
A=Achilles lets his rage go because in exchange he would refuse to fight for the good ofthe greek people.
b) why does he call upon his mother for help?
A= He asks his mother to help the Trojan to be stronger by making the Greek weak.
6.- When did tensión between agamemnon andachilles actually begin? Explain
A= It began in 2 different ocasions, when Agamemnon took Breisis agaist the will of Achilles and when Agamemnon realizes that he needs Achilles to be able to win the war.7.- How would you characterize the greek gods and their relationship with humans?
A= I would characterize them to have a father-and-son relationship, if you do good I praize you, and if you do...
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