Under the jaguar sun

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Brief Introduction of the book
The book I have chosen is “Under the Jaguar Sun” of the Italian writer Italo Calvino, which includes three different shorts stories: Under the Jaguar Sun, A KingListens and The name the nose. This book with these three stories are represented by three different senses, the smell, taste, hearing. Three masterpieces explained by senses that overwhelms us into afantasy of a special perfume, a mythological and bloody ritual into a very peculiar and delicious taste, and the haunting sound of a multitude trying to be heard by someone whose only reason of hearing isto know and not to give answers to people.

The first one is about a couple that went to Mexico for some vacations, they represented along the story difficulties in theirrelationship by the way they both act, In their travel they were short related with the Mexican history, typical foods, and the acts occurring during the indigenous, Mayans tribes, and the Spanish colonizationtimes, which is for me the most interesting part of the whole book.
A King listens is also a very interesting story, because it goes against the thinking of each human: if you were a king you wouldbe the happiest man in the world… Everything occurs in the Kings palace, that is the home of the king, so if it’s his home he would know it perfectly, and experience some feelings of security, safetyinside it, but it was the contrary feelings of the king that was afraid of a rebellion of the town and then take him and put him in an ignored place, so on because of the obsessed fear of been oustedfrom the throne he started to travel around the place without move, how to do this? By hearing, he developed a very good sense of hearing that allowed him to know what is happening around the palace,to know who was trying to defeat him or simply the gossip of people, but the everything looks to improve when the king listen to the voice in form of song of what he thinks is his true love.
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