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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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Underwater Photography

Jul/Aug 2010


50 years ago underwater photography was something of a dark art practised by a handful of pioneers. Fast forward to today and thankfully things have changed. Now you can capture your adventures in vivid colour with a compact and easy to use outfit that won’t cost you a kidney. Where can I get such a wonder? CamerasUnderwater of course, we’ll even show you how to get the best out of it.



Underwater cameras

Lighting systems

Underwater video
Cameras Underwater Ltd. Specialist equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, skiing, water sports, hiking and all wet and demanding conditions. www.camerasunderwater.co.uk. Phone: 01404 812277 / 020 7839 1991. Email:sales@camerasunderwater.co.uk

Thank you: The Underwater Studio and Steve Warren

4 Editorial 5 News & Travel 16 New Products

30 Our World Photos

Underwater Photography
A web magazine
UwP55 Jul/Aug 2010

32 Reverse covers
by Joe Dovala

52 Philippines
by Eric Hanauer

64 St Kitts muck
by Jason Phillip

58 Rig diving 24 “Fibre Snoot”
by Phil Mercurio

by Mark Webster

39Sperm whales
by Wade Hughes

68 French Riviera
by Jean-Philippe Borges

45 British Columbia 26 Canon G11
by Jett Britnell by Lawrence Alex Wu

Cover shot by Wade Hughes
Underwater Photography 2001 - 2010 © PR Productions Publisher/Editor Peter Rowlands www.pr-productions.co.uk peter@uwpmag.com

74 Parting Shots
by Lena Holm & Joris van Alphen



NAUIrights theft competition
Underwater photography seems to have more competitions available to enter than any other type of photography. They are an opportunity to see how the standard of your shots compares and there is always the possibility of winning a prize of either equipment, travel or cash. Indeed some of the more hotly contested competitions only have cash prizes and there is a small bandof European photographers who make a tidy living entering and winning such events. Naturally in such competitions the image is king and the value of a winning entry is enhanced by its raised public awareness because, in addition to the prize money, many winning shots have gone on to be used in advertising, promotional editorials and stock libraries to earn more than the original prize money. Whatuse they are put to is a separate contract regarding copyright but most ethical competitions reserve the right to use winning images to promote the event and future ones. So far everything seems to be fine but imagine a competition whose rules are designed to acquire “perpetual, non-exclusive rights to use the photo in any way, including but not limited to advertising and promotional use.” Ihope, like me, you would consider such a clause as a blatant misuse of a photographers image yet such a competition does exist and is currently being run by NAUI, the thus far respected dive training agency. The competition in question has been running for 4 years and each year there are grumbles from the underwater photography community but this year, initiated by Jason Heller of DivePhotoGuide,effectively to highlight unethical corporations. a written dialogue has been taking place between My impression is that his mind is made up Jed Livingstone of NAUI and the responses to and he is perfectly entitled to take that attitude but our complaints about the rules were robust and he should be aware that the ability to communicate unrepentant and left us in no doubt that there was no is verydifferent nowadays and even a very well way the rules were going to be changed. established corporate identity can be adversely The responses were quite disparaging about affected by the mass disclosure of unethical underwater photographers who cared about the practices. image rights of those who might unwittingly enter My final concern is for the companies who this unethical competition. have been...
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