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The MIO is the massive transportation vehicle in the city of Cali that was built for the benefit of the Cali citizens, giving them faster public transportation and also a change inenvironmental awareness reducing pollution and smoke produce by many of the old buses that were functioning.
The MIO is made of four hundred buses, two hundred of them being articulated and the other twohundred regular buses. From the day of inauguration there are a hundred and twenty buses: sixty articulated and sixty regular. The function of the regular buses is to transport people that are faraway from the different station that are located throughout the city, once in the station the travel with its rechargeable MIO card swipes it and waits for the articulated bus that takes him to hisfinal destiny.
The MIO consists of various tracks; some them are “called 5ta”, “Carrere 15”, “called 13”, “called 1ra”; and the other is part of “aguablanca district”, apart from the ones that are beingbuilt.
This massive transportation is very important for the city because it reduces public transportation therefore reducing regular traffic in some parts of the city and it also reducesenvironmental pollution.
As public transportation is very safe, comfortable and trustable so you can get to your place of business or studies on time.
I have felt very good with the MIO because it is a beneficialmedium for me and my family, keeping us away from different problems when it comes to getting to our desired place. Besides this I also feel good because it gives my city a very good urban aspect.Since the MIO is a beneficial transportation tool for everybody we all have to take care of it. From my part I will obey and respect all the rules stipulated by Metrocali for its use, I would notdestroy anything, either on the buses or on the stations. If see a person damaging it I would let him know the importance of its use and why is so important maintain in good shape, if the person does not...
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